Join our Women Team


At Southwark Tigers Rugby Club we have an energetic team of women and girls.

At Southwark Tigers, we believe that rugby is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone, including women of any fitness level! 


Don't stand on the sidelines watching your children play - come and join us having fun and getting fitter. 


Bring your friends and be a role model for women's sport, we are stronger together!



The season is almost over, but the activity won’t stop! We are planning to carry on training during the summer and we are looking for informal matches.


If you’d like to join our team, why don’t you come over and give it a go? 


The activity is completely free! And it’s fun. Really fun!


If you'd like to have some information about the team, email Chris (, text us at 07703052759 or 07490398351 or follow our Social Media channels.  





A new Girls Team is in town


The season 2021/2022 will start with great news for the Tigers.


To support our player’s development, we’ll welcome a brand new Under 13 and Under 15 girls rugby team!

Starting from August, every Sunday morning from 10am to 1pm, we’ll deliver fitness and rugby session, focusing on developing sport and rugby skills.


One of the most important Southwark Tigers’ cornerstones will be creating an environment where all participants will enjoy being part of a team, in a fun, safe and learning environment.


The Tigers’ coaching team will focus their intervention on players’ potential, creating a player-centred environment where every young person will be able to express herself, learning the basic of rugby.


The trainings will be focused on developing life skills – communication, teamwork, respect, problem solving – as well as resilience on the field, creativity and attitude towards challenges.


Players and team’s development

The Tigers’ coaching team will organise activities and everyone will have an equal opportunity to play and express themselves.


The coaching team will also involve the parents and discuss their development plan when necessary, sharing the 9 months plan in order to highlight their commitments throughout the season.


Coaches will be accessible so that parents can discuss their child’s development with them.


In order to support each player’s development and the growth of the team, Southwark Tigers will develop partnerships with local clubs or schools in the interests of the players.


The activity is completely free of charge.


If you’d like to have more information, feel free to contact Andrea at or 07490398351.


We are Southwark Tigers. And we need you!

This is our team!


Every Sunday our players challenge themselves with a rugby ball.

Thanks to Maggie, our great head coach, we’ve seen many improvements over the months, even during lockdown, when the trainings have been delivered online.


Here's some of the comments from our Tigress.


‘Effective excise in a supportive environment.


Informal, lots of adaptations for individual needs.


It's good fun, the online sessions are easy to access and the leader and participants are friendly, well informed without being too formal.

It really is a session that personifies the notion that it's the taking part that is important’.



‘The online classes were just what I needed whilst recuperating from knee surgery.

Maggie is encouraging and welcoming taking each individuals physical needs into consideration whilst leading the group classes.

I will still be attending when I can and highly recommend the classes not just for rehabilitation as in my case but also for full body strengthening and stretching’.


‘I am returning to exercise and I have found the sessions on zoom to be both helpful and that I can work at my own pace without the pressure of a face to face gym session.  It differs to other exercise I have done before as Maggie is brilliant at explaining each movement and what areas that are being worked.  I would really recommend this class to other women who are new or returning to exercise as being seated is a great way to get back into it as you aren't putting too much pressure on your body when it hasn't been used to exercise for a while’.


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