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June 2024 - At Southwark Rugby we believe in sport and rugby without barriers.

We charge nothing for membership.


Every young person can join us for free and enjoy the most beautiful game in the world. 


We don't want this to change, but we need help. 


Click on the link below and take part to the Spond SuperDraw. 

Even a small gesture can make a huge difference in out young community. 


To take part to the Spond SuperDraw, click here:


You are Southwark Rugby.

Southwark Tigers Awards: the end of a beautiful season


May 2024 – The 2023/2024 Southwark Tigers RFC season has come to an end. On Sunday 5th May the Tigers family gathered together for the last session on the astro pitch. 

Younger and older age groups came together for a fun touch tournament day. After that they all went to the club house for a community lunch and the awards, where the whole club celebrated a very intese and positive season. 


Over the last 10 months numbers have grown, welcoming every Sunday new participants. Southwark Rugby has now more than 200 players wearing the black and yellow jersey. 

Very positive has been the Under 13s season, who are now ready to challenge themselves in the next stage of the Kent Cup. 
The Under 15s All Stars have showed a massive improvement since they started their journey, competing and winning against bigger opponents. The highlight of the season is the phenomenal win at Dulwich College. 

The Under 16s have played with character and intensity, fighting hard in the Kent Cup and preparing the foundation of a very exciting Colts season. 


We're very grateful to every volunteer, parent, coach who have supported this beautiful journey. We couldn't do it without you!


You are Southwark Rugby! 

Southwark Tigers wins the Community Leader at the Rugby Black List Awards


April 2024 – Southwark Tigers RFC has won the Community Leader at the Rugby Black List Awards on Tuesday 30th April. 


The ceremony took place at Twickenham Stadium and celebrated the contribution of the Black rugby community to rugby union.  


'The awards want to celebrate the positive work, involvement and activity that people from the Black community do in rugby', explained the founder, Sagan Daniels.


Southwark Tigers has established itself as a key community asset over its 25-year history, striving to provide the young people of inner London with an opportunity to receive the same access to community sport that many in rural areas take for granted. Despite barriers to access and facilities that clubs in London have, every Sunday more than 200 boys and girls come down to pitches in Burgess Park to play a sport that none of them would have the opportunity to play had Southwark Tigers not existed.


The club has become more of the most diverse and inclusive Community Clubs in the whole country. Thanks to the constant intervention that it's having in the community, the club has been able to offer free and accessibile opportunities to every young person in the borough. 


Receiving the Community Leader Award it's a wonderful recognition for the hard work that everyone at Southwark Rugby has done over the years.

Thank you all! You are Southwark Rugby.


RFU and Southwark Rugby together for the young people


April 2024 – Southwark Tigers RFC and England Rugby are continuing a proactive collaboration in order to support the players' transition from junior and senior rugby.


Chris Spedding, England Rugby Coach Developer has joint our Under 14, 15 and 16 working alongside the coaching team and sharing with them useful advice to facilitate their rugby journey from junior to senior rugby. 


RFU intervention has also involved some coaches who shared with Chis challenges, doubts and ideas as well as good ways of practice. 


The different age groups worked together at first and the young players had the opportunity to challenge themselves in a fun, purposeful and safe environment. 



Free Rugby and Multi Sport Camp during Half-Term 


March 2024 – Southwark Tigers RFC will join forces again with the charity Dallaglio RugbyWorks during half-term. 


On Friday 5th April will deliver a Rugby and Multi Sport Camp at Bacon's College (SE16 6AT) for girls and boys in year 7 & 8.


The Camp is completely free of charge for the participants and to register you just need to scan the QR Code on the flyer. 


A similar camp had been delivered during February half-term and it was a great success; the young people had the opportunity to try different sports: rugby, boxing, football and American Football.  


The Camp will start at 10am and it'll finish at 3pm. 

St. Michaels wins the Southwark Shield 


March 2024 – After eight months of trainings and six festivals at the club the Big Yellow School Rugby Tournament has come to an end. 

St. Michaels won the tournament at the end of a great season where the boys showed improvements week in week out. 

Sacred Heart came second and Bacon's College third. 


The tournament has been an amazing opportunity for a lot of students to express themselves with a rugby ball, enjoying the game and improving their rugby and sport skills. 


The school programme, delivered together with Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club, has involved more than 150 students in the borough of Southwark in 10 Secondary Schools. 

Every student has had the opportunity to learn and develop basic rugby skills taking part in weekly sessions and monthly festivals. 

It's been amazing to see the players' improvements on the pitch and their happiness while playing rugby together. 


If you'd like to know more about the Big Yellow Inner City School Programme click here.   

If you'd like to get your school involved in the programme, email

Tigers and England Rugby working together 


March 2024 – Southwark Tigers and England Rugby have come together for a wonderful training session with the Under 15s and Under 16. 

England Coach Chris Spedding has worked alongside the Tigers coaching team in order to develop specific rugby skills with the older age groups. The aim of the intervention was to start facilitating the transition from junior to senior rugby, working on specific rugby scenarios. 

Chris' wisdom and professionalism have had an immediate impact in our players, who followed his instructions and guidelines. Spedding develop and led part of the session, challenging the young players in a fun, learning and purposeful environment. 

Both teams shared their rugby knowledge with the England Coach, showing willingness to learn and to improve their rugby skills. 

Chris Spedding's intervention is the first of a series of clinics that he's going to deliver at Southwark Rugby. 


Jamaica Rugby will train in Southwark


February 2024 – On Saturday 23rd of March 2024 the Jamaica Rugby national team will deliver at The Cage an open session for male players Under 18 and Under 20. 


Young people with Jamaican roots will have the opportunity to challenge themselves in a very exciting environment. 


The session will commence at 11am. 


If you'd like to know more about this opportunity, email  

February Half Term with the Tigers



February 2024 – During February half-term Southwark Tigers Rugby club has delivered a rugby and multi-sport camp at Bacon’s College together with the Charity Dallaglio RugbyWorks.

The young people have had the opportunity to express themselves for almost six hours, trying different sports and activities.

In fact, rugby wasn’t the only sport they played.


Together with the Tigers and RugbyWorks, a Dame Kelly Holmes mentor and athlete came down to work with the young people. Hannah Beharry, number one British female boxer in the UK for 9 years has worked with them developing their skills and discipline.


It’s been a great success, and the participants enjoyed the opportunity to challenge themselves in different activity.


The camp was totally free of charge for the participants.

Tigers and Lancers grow together


February 2024 – Over the last few weeks Southwark Tigers and Southwark Lancers have been working together on Sunday morning with the common goal of improving our young people’s rugby skills on the pitch.

The Under 15s have trained with Israel, who plays lock for the Lancers, practicing line outs and mauls in a very productive way.

Then Harry, first team captain and hooker, shared with the Under 13s, 15s and 16s his knowledge around scummaging and line outs.


Patrick, who’s been volunteering for the Tigers since the beginning of the season, has been challenging the Under 15s All Stars focusing on backs movements.

During these weeks he’s also delivering specific rugby clinics on handling, ball transmission and decision making with the ball across different age groups.


Their contribution is making a real difference for our teams and strengthening the relationship between Tigers and Lancers.


We are Southwark Rugby.

Inner City School Festival number 4!


January 2024 – Another great day of sport and rugby at the Cage. More than 60 young people have come together and competed for the 4th school festival of the season.

The Big Yellow Inner City School Festival is providing fantastic opportunities for young players to express themselves and improve their rugby and life skills.


The show was remarkable with competitive and physical games and great tries over the three pitches.   


There were no easy games, and with each game, every team grew and worked on different aspects of their play.


The atmosphere was electric and we can’t wait for the next leg of the tournament to see how the players develop their game.


If you’re interested in playing regular fixtures and becoming a member of the Southwark Tigers Rugby Club, just come down on a Sunday morning and give it a try!


We are Southwark Rugby. 

Tigers going full steam.


January 2024 – We returned to the pitch just two weeks ago but a lot has been happening since then, 


Our phenomenal Under 13 played against Thanet and Sittingbourne in the Kent Cup tournament, showing great improvements and the desire to continue growing.

Under 15 and 16, after a couple of joint session, they started strong the second part of the season; the Under 15 All Stars played a lovely match against Hackney while the Under 16 stopped Tunbridge Wells in the Kent Cup.


For the Under 14, the match against OEs has been a great learning curve, with some very interesting plays during the game.


Everyone else has been training at home and they are getting ready for their first festivals on the year.


We are Southwark Rugby!

Welcome 2024!


We are back.


January 2024 – We are back training this coming Sunday, 7th January.

Every age group is home except the U13s who are away in Kent Cup action against Thanet. 


Minis will start training at 9.30am, the Under 15 at 10.30am; everyone else will start at 10am.



From next week will resume also our mid-week sessions.

Year 7 & 8 - Monday evenings - 16.00 - 18.00
Year 9 & 10 & Academy - Wednesday evenings - 16.00 - 17.30

We are still looking for a fixture secretary to organise fixtures, joint sessions and festivals for Under 11s and below.
If you’re interested, email

We are Southwark Rugby!

Goodbye 2023...and THANK YOU ALL! 


December 2023 - It’s been a phenomenal 2023 full of rugby, games, trainings, people, smiles, challenges.


Chris Callaway, Southwark Tigers Director of Rugby, would like to share his thoughts will all of us.


‘Another great year for the club across all age groups with too many highlights to list. However, one consistent piece of feedback we receive from opposition clubs is how polite and sportsman like our players are. Win lose or draw our attitude on the pitch is exemplary. Well done to all our players, coaches, volunteers and parents. Let's make 2024 an amazing year for the club’.




We are SouthwarkRugby!

A wonderful afternoon of rugby at The Cage!


December 2023 – The third Big Yellow School Festival of the year has been a great success.  More than 50 young people have taken part showing remarkable improvements after our last tournament, played just a month ago.


"The young people from local secondary schools in Southwark continue to impress with their ability to learn the game of rugby in such a short time frame. After only 3 months they are defending well, running great lines and most importantly playing with smiles on their faces", said Chris Callaway, Southwark Tigers Director of Rugby.


The Big Yellow School Programme is delivered by Ealing Trailfinders and involves ten secondary schools in the borough of Southwark. The aim of the project is to offer high quality rugby sessions at school and to facilitate the transition to Southwark Rugby, where the players can get free rugby sessions during weekends as well.


If you’d like to know more about the tournament, click here.


We are Southwark Rugby!

Under 15 All Stars shine at Park House


November 2023 - Another brilliant day of rugby for the Tigers Under 15 All Stars who visited Park House on Sunday for a tournament against the home team and Old Whitgiftians.


In both games the players showed a great level of commitment and desire to keep the high standard saw at Dulwich College ten days ago.


Park House – Tigers 0-10

During the fist match the boys in yellow and black kept a hard defence, fighting at the breakdown against a very well organised opponent.
Despite several attempts from Park House to break the line, the Tigers kept their cool blocking their attacks.

Sensational has been the first try scored by Danny, a clever and powerful number eight, who broke few tackled running for more than 60 meters along the touch line.

The scrum confirmed their progression, dominating their opponents and offering a solid platform to restart the game for the scrum half Santino.

The Tigers controlled the game in the second half, closing it with another powerful try scored by Danny.


Old Whitgiftians-Tigers 12-15

The second game started straight after the first match and the Tigers managed to keep the same level of intensity Scrum and line outs have been managed brilliantly by the first eight players, while Santino and Charlie led the back line with clean and fast balls.
After scoring the first try the Tigers let Old Whitgiftians come back with two avoidable tries; the second one in particular surprised the All Stars who didn’t pay much attention while defending at the breakdown.
But soon after the opponent missed the conversion, the boys in black and yellow came back stronger, scoring two tries in a few minutes. The third one has been a beauty, with Charlie, skipper and number ten and Reshann, the fullback, moving the ball quickly down the line for Henry, whom powerful and quick run gave the Tigers the joy to finish off with another victory.


At the end of the day the three team gathered together at the clubhouse. The Tigers offered the All Stars T-Shirt as a ‘Thank You’ for the warm hospitality and the captains exchanged the Player of the Match

Anyone can play!


November 2023 – We’re almost halfway through the season and a lot has happened so far: training sessions, joint sessions, friendlies, tournaments and Kent League games.


Southwark Rugby Club couldn’t be prouder of the young people’s progressions and every member is excited to see what the season will bring over the next few months.


If you’d like to get involved in playing the best sport in the world, get in touch or join the team on Sunday morning.


Have you played rugby before?

Have you ever played rugby?

Would you like to give it a try?

Get involved!

Anyone can play rugby!


Get in touch thought our social media channels (@southwarktigers) or email


We are Southwark Rugby!

Southwark Rugby All Stars conquered Dulwich College


Thursday 16th November - When the referee blew the final whistle the Southwark Rugby All Stars all jumped on Charlie (Forrest Hill School), their skipper and fly-half. He just converted the third try of the day, scored by a dominant drive led by Felix (Forrest Hill School) and supported by Alex.


Few minutes before 4pm history has been written; The Southwark Tigers Under 15 All Stars defeated Dulwich College 17-5 at the end of a very intense game.


For the first time in the history of the club, the young people have had the opportunity to compete against a private school. The boys wearing the black and yellow jersey had impressed from the start, showing a great level of intensity and physicality. The forwards put on a show, dominating their opposition and the backs aggressively stopping any attempt from Dulwich to break the Tigers’ defensive line.


Santino (Haberdashers), who’s making a huge contribution as a scum-half, scored his first try a few minutes after the kick off, finishing off a series of picks and go led by the pack.


Southwark Tigers dominated much of the first half, retaining possession well but missing some opportunities due to handling mistakes.


Charlie (Forrest Hill School) led his teammates by feeding the back line with quick balls; one of them landed in Drew’s hands (Haberdashers) just in-front of the Tigers’ 22m line. The fullback made the most of his quickness, avoiding several tackles and scoring a magnificent 80 meters try.


The first half finished with the Tigers All-Stars defending with order and discipline, while Santino (Haberdashers) went off injured to be replaced by Rowan (Forrest Hill School).


At the beginning of the second half the Tigers’ showed the same attitude that guided them to lead the game. At the breakdown Dulwich College seemed more organised but the All Stars didn’t loose their focus and kept fighting to keep the ball. Santino (Haberdashers) got back leading the pack and the backs had some changes, with Alife (Haberdashers) switching as inside centre.  


Driving mauls from line outs haven’t been effective but the forwards manage to create a solid platform, offering Santino (Haberdashers) clean balls to move away from congestions areas.


Henry (ARK Walworth) and Reshann (Haberdashers), as well as Archie (Haberdashers) and Ardell (Haberdashers) fought on every ball, tackling with aggression and reducing Dulwich College’s chances to break the line.


Dulwich College’s try came when taking advantage of one of the rare mistakes made by the All Stars’ number eight, Alex, who forced an off-load and got the ball intercepted. Despite an incredible last second tackle made by Alfie (Haberdashers), the Dulwich boys found their way thought and scored their first points of the game (7-10). 


The All Stars’ didn’t loose their focus and came back fighting, forcing Dulwich College to a couple of knock on’s and consequent scrums.


Eventually, any hopes of a Dulwich College comeback were dashed when Felix (Forrest Hill School) scored almost under the posts and Charlie (Forrest Hill School) converted for the final 17-5. History.


Line up

1 Alfie (Haberdashers)
2 Jhovanny (ARK Walworth)
3 Nico (Haberdashers),
4 Rajviri (Haberdashers),
5 Felix (Forrest Hill School)
6 Frazer (Haberdashers),
7 Stephen (St Michaels)
9 Santino (Haberdashers)
10 Charlie (Forrest Hill School)
11 Henry (ARK Walworth)
12 Rowan (Forrest Hill School)
13 Archie (Haberdashers)
14 Reshaan (Haberdashers)
15 Drew (Haberdashers)

Game changers:
Farouk (Haberdashers)
Ardell (Haberdashers)
Joseph (STAC)
Cameron (STAC)
Ellis (St Michaels)

Southwark Tigers fundraiser for Guy's Cancer Charity


November 2023 - The women and girls section of Southwark Tigers RFC ('the Tiger Lilies') are raising money for Guys Hospital Cancer Centre.


On Sunday 3rd December the The women and girls section of Southwark Tigers RFC ('the Tiger Lilies') will play their very first touch rugby match against Vigo.


To celebrate the event, they are raising money for Guys Hospital Cancer Centre.


Ready their story here.



All Stars 2.0


November 2023 - After the great success we had last season with the All Stars project, the programme is ready to start again. Southwark Rugby will focus on Year 7&8 students, coming from the school programme and delivered by Ealing Trailfinders.


What are the Southwark All Stars?
The ‘All Stars’ are a rugby team hand-picked from 
10 schools across South London. Selection has been based on outstanding application at weekly coaching sessions and strong performances during matches.


What is the goal of the Community All Stars?
Its primary aim is to get more young 
people playing rugby across South London. The secondary focus is to provide professional coaching and competitive playing opportunities equal to those received at Grammar and fee paying schools.


Training will commence on Monday 13th November from 4-6pm until May.


Address: Burgess Park Sports Centre, Cobourg Road, London SE5 0JD


A phenomenal day of rugby


November 2023 - On Wednesday 8th November, Southwark Rugby has hosted the second round of the  Big Yellow Inner School Rugby Festival. 

More than 60 young people have been involved in the competition, showing great improvements and brilliant rugby skills. The tournament has now progressed to a grab-hold competition, with the young people experiencing a safe level of physicality. 


The Big Yellow Inner City School Rugby programme is delivered by Ealing Trailfinders, who's offering high quality rugby sessions to 10 Secondary schools  in the borough. 

Despite a challenging weather the young people have showed a remarkable level of commitment and passion for the game of rugby. 


We can't wait to see how they'll improve over the next few months. 

Big Yellow Inner City Schools Rugby Programme: second round!


November 2023 - On Wednesday 8th November The Cage will host the second festival of the Academic Year. 


As part of the Big Yellow School Programme, the young people will compete on the pitch again after the great show saw in October. 

From this year the programme is delivered by Ealing Trailfinders and provides free weekly sessions in 10 Secondary Schools in the borough of Southwark. 


If you'd like to know more about the programme, click here


We are Southwark Rugby!

We're looking for a Fixtures Secretary


November 2023 - Southwark Tigers is looking for an enthusiastic and energetic person to become the new Fixtures Secretary of the club on a volunteer basis.


Role Description

The Fixtures Secretary will be responsible for organising Sunday fixtures and joint sessions for Under 11s and below.

Coaches will rely on the secretary, communicating with her/him their needs and availability.


Duties and responsibilities

- Organise fixtures - Under 7 to Under 11 (home and away)

- Be the main point of contact for the club for the Under 11s and below

- Creating and keeping an up to date club’s database

- Dealing with club’s needs and requests 

- Liaise with coaches

- Attend festivals

- Organise match days at Southwark Rugby

- Plan Southwark Rugby first ever Festival


Skills and qualities required

- Enthusiastic and energetic

- Be an excellent communicator with good verbal, written and IT skills

- Have good administration skills

- Have excellent organisational skills

- Have the ability to work in partnership with others, both inside and outside the club


Level of commitment required

This will vary from week to week.


If you’re interested and you’d like to be part of the Tigers’ family, send an email to



We're back all together!


October 2023 - On Sunday 29th October our home will be full of players!


Both the astro pitch and the grass pitch will be hosting home trainings. 


This is the programme:

9.45am Minis
10am Under 7-8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14-15, 16 and women. 


Under 14 and 15 will join forces for a fitness and skill session all together. 


If you'd like to play rugby , why don't you get in touch? 


Send an email to: or follow us on social media (@southwarktigers). 


At Southwark Rugby there's a space for everyone: beginners, experienced players, girls and boys. 


We are Southwark Rugby!  


Rugby during October Half Term


October 2023 - During October half term we’ve changed sessions time.

On Monday there’s no session for the Year 7-8 and younger players.


Our Academy session will take place on Wednesday afternoon on the astro pitch (SE5 0JB) alongside the All Stars, from 4pm to 6pm.


No session on Friday afternoon.


On Sunday morning it’s business as usual, starting from 10am both on grass and astro pitch.


Follow us on Social Media (Instagram, X and Facebook for more updates: @southwarktigers)


We are Southwark Rugby!

We need you!


October 2023 - Southwark Tigers Rugby Club is always looking for energetic and enthusiastic people to join our amazing coaching team!


We work with a wide and phenomenal group of young people, covering every age group to the Minis (Under 6) to the Under 16. 

If you like working with young people in a safe and learning environment, why don't you get in touch? 

Volunteering for Southwark Rugby you can make a direct impact in young people lives through sport and rugby. 


If you'd like to find out more about the role, email 

First festival of the season: a great success!


October 2023 - On Wednesday 11th October The Cage has hosted the first festival of the new Academic Year.


From this season Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club is delivering the Big Yellow School Programme and it’s been a great success so far. Every day a professional rugby coach runs high quality rugby sessions in 12 Secondary Schools in the borough of Southwark, getting young people active and engaged while playing rugby.   


Yesterday 6 schools attended: 12 games has been played, 28 tries scored and more than 60 students involved in the game.


Thank you to everyone who attended yesterday’, commented Chris Callaway, Southwark Rugby Youth Manager. ‘We can’t wait to see how the young people will improve their sport and rugby skills during the season. We’re very happy to see so many students involved in the game!’.


The next festival is Wednesday 8th November when the players progress from basic touch to grab-hold. 

Join our Women Team


At Southwark Tigers Rugby Club we have an energetic team of women and girls.

At Southwark Tigers, we believe that rugby is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone, including women of any fitness level! 


Don't stand on the sidelines watching your children play - come and join us having fun and getting fitter. 


Bring your friends and be a role model for women's sport, we are stronger together!



The season is almost over, but the activity won’t stop! We are planning to carry on training during the summer and we are looking for informal matches.


If you’d like to join our team, why don’t you come over and give it a go? 


The activity is completely free! And it’s fun. Really fun!


If you'd like to have some information about the team, email Chris (, text us at 07703052759 or follow our Social Media channels.  





The new season has started!


From the 6th August, Southwark Tigers Rugby Club will be starting the activity, offering free rugby sessions every Sunday morning at Burgess Park Community Sports Centre - SE5 0JB.


The sessions are open to young people from 4 years old to 16 years old, girls and boys; beginners and more experienced players.


Our coaching team will look after every player with a person centred approach, delivering fun, safe and engaging rugby session.  


Come and join us. It's totally free!

Join the Tigers Coaching Team


 Every season we look to grow and improve our offering. When the new season arrives in September we are looking to be in a position to field teams from all age groups U6's - U17's.  It will be a huge achievement for the club and just reward for all the hard work everyone has put in over the past 4 seasons.


To make this happen we need to recruit enthusiastic and engaging coaches from the local area.  Experience isn't necessary as RFU courses will be provided by the club. Our sessions take place in Burgess Park every Sunday during the season (September - April) from 10.00 - 12.00.


Get in contact with Chris if in the first instance to discuss what is involved. 07740419539 or 


All-Stars First Fixture



 Southwark Rugby club have been providing weekly rugby coaching sessions to 11 secondary schools in Southwark for several years. Each school is encouraged to attend regular festivals of rugby where they compete against each other for the coveted Southwark Rugby Shield. This season alone over 550 boys and girls have benefitted from rugby tuition provided by Southwark in partnership with London Irish RFC.



What would happen if a super team was created from the best and most willing participants from the program? After-school training facilities were secured and a high class hybrid coaching team from London Irish, Southwark and England rugby embarked on a project to develop the ALL-STARS into a team capable of competing against more experienced opponents.


Maidstone RFC answered the call to provide opposition for the inaugural match and turned up with a full squad and vocal support despite the unfavourable weather conditions that hampered any free-flowing rugby that either team might have had planned.


The first half was a largely tense and scrappy affair with 70% of the ALL-STARS playing their first ever proper match on a full pitch and being pulled around positionally by a more experienced and canny Maidstone outfit who kicked well and recycled efficiently in the tight. Southwark fought hard and contested well, barely missing a tackle all day, they did however have a tendency to throw unnecessary passes which were often knocked-on in the wet conditions. It took a while for Captain Santino from Haberdashers Borough to marshal his troops, making excellent ground with ball in-hand, tackling everything in-front of him and lifting his team by example.


Maidstone had adapted to the conditions well and kicked to exploit Southwark’s positional naivety, they were also far more secure in the set-piece with many of the ALL-STARS experiencing a live scrum for the first time. After some consistent pressure on the Southwark line Maidstone finally went over for the first score of the day.


Despite the continuing rain the ALL-STARS didn’t lose heart and started to contest every tackle. Eventually a lineout in the Southwark 22 led to Tolu from St Thomas the Apostle barge past several Maidstone players to initiate a passage of play that took his team all the way to the Maidstone try line. Maidstone defended stoutly but couldn’t stop Tolu from popping up to finish off the move that he had started.


7 – 5 to the Allstars at half time.


The second half started perfectly for the ALL-STARS, a big hit by St Thomas the Apostle student Joseph dislodged the ball and allowed Rafe from Haberdashers Borough to break away from a couple of tacklers to score between the posts. Fullback Drew from Haberdashers had some great touches but Maidstone began to dominate the second-half with patient play from their forwards allowing them to build a platform that Southwark were unable to compete with. Maidstone picked up three unanswered tries as Southwark began to tire and lose a bit of discipline.

Special mention to Stephen from St Michaels who battled hard all day, Arthur from Nautical School and Jhovani from ARK Walworth.


Despite the score spirits were high, there is a real feeling of something special happening alongside a belief that the team can go onto much greater things.


Thank you to Maidstone and their travelling support for making such an excellent occasion.


Final score 14 - 24


Real-life childhood heroes help workers to find career success – including teachers and sports coaches, survey finds


For one in five, that person was a teacher, while 17 per cent said it was their sports coach.


Rebecca Adamson, head of automobile at Honda said: “We’re all dreamers and sometimes we just need the right person in our life to inspire and guide us towards our goals."

The study of 2,000 adults by OnePoll was commissioned by Honda.

In response to the findings, Honda has unveiled a video of young rugby players and their local heroes at Southwark Tigers rugby club, London.

Laurence Danvers, coach at Southwark Tigers said: “Whether they end up pursuing rugby as a career or keep it as a hobby, what they learn about being part of a team such as resilience, respect, confidence and commitment...

"These are all things that will help them achieve their dreams.” 

Read the full article here:

Any given Sunday!


We believe their should be no barriers to playing rugby which is why our club is totally free to join.


Come down on any Sunday between September and April and see if you enjoy it. Boys & girls 4 - 16.


Contact or call 07740419539 for more info. 






We are Southwark Tigers!

Social Media Assistant Volunteer


Do you like sport? Are you passionate about Social Media?


Would you like to be part of the most energetic #rugbyfamily in London?


Southwark Tigers is waiting for you!


We’re looking for an energetic, creative and enthusiastic Social Media Assistant to join our team as a volunteer. 


Are you interested?


In this role, you will be helping the team with a range of media projects and create content for our vibrant social media platforms and website.


It’s a great opportunity to improve and develop your social media skills in a fun and friendly environment.


Responsibilities as a Social Media Assistant include:

·      Producing daily engaging content for Southwark Tigers social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

·      Producing weekly content for Southwark Tigers website (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

·      Develop, launch and manage new campaigns that promote Southwark Tigers brand across London

·      Manage and facilitate social media communities by responding to social media posts and developing discussions


If you’re interested or you’d like to know more about the role, email


We are Southwark Tigers

Historic Day for the Club


It was great to see so may players back at the Cage last Sunday for our first 2022 session.  Welcome Back!

Sunday 16th January the RFU President, CEO and Chairman will be visiting us for a great day of sport and rugby. We’re thrilled to have them at The Cage, showing our full potential.

We also have a hugely exciting fixtures list:
The Under 16 will travel to Old Elthamians for a joint training session to prepare them for their first league match of the season against Old Colfeians.

The Under 14 will travel to Thanet for their opening Waterfall Tournament where they will also be playing Bromley and Whitstable.

The Under13-Under12 are hosting their opening Waterfall fixture at The Cage: Sidcup, Ayelsford and Bromley will be joining us.


Lastly, KCH Pirates will be bringing teams from Tag to Under 10 for a joint training.

It's going to be a great Sunday at the Club!

The Tigers Cup and a joint session with Millwall Rugby Club

Ordinary Rugby Day


A beautiful day of rugby and sport.


The #tigersfamily has taken part in two great events on Sunday.


The under 8, 9, 10 and 11s have been invited at Millwall Rugby Club for a joint session while the under 12-13 played at The Cage the first leg of The Tigers Cup.

Blackheath Rugby Club and Old Alleynians took part as well in what has become a competitive and enjoyable festival.


The under 14 played a match against Blackheath away and the under 15-17 trained at home.


There’re still few weeks of trainings and matches before the Christmas Break.

Please click here to see how our next Sunday will look like.

Rugby Camp with London Irish


The Irish are back in town! During the schools’ holiday the young people are enjoying two days of rugby and physical activity at The Cage.


The London Irish coaches are back in Southwark, delivering two-day rugby camp on Tuesday and Wednesday at The Cage. 

During the first day the young players have worked hard, showing commitment and passion for the game, having fun in a safe and learning environment.


The Camp is open to girls and boys from 6 to 16 years old.

London Irish back at The Cage


During the half-term week in October, London Irish will deliver two-day rugby camp at The Cage (Burgess Park, Cobourg Road, London SE5 0JD).


Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th, from 10am to 1.45pm, level 2 qualified coaches will run rugby based activity to girls and boys, from 6 to 16 years old.


If you’d like to book a place, please email or get in touch through the Tigers’ social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).

Warriors and Tigers at The Cage on Sunday 12th of September


On Sunday the 12th of September 2021, Southwark Tigers Rugby Club will host the Allianz Inner Warrior Event for the first time.


From 10am, the gates at The Cage - Burgess Park, Cobourg Road, London SE5 0JD – will be finally re-opened again, welcoming home the #tigersfamily.


What is the Allianz Inner Warrior?

Allianz Inner Warrior is England Rugby’s primary campaign to help clubs recruit female players into their clubs. Warrior Camps are designed as a great introduction to rugby for those who have never played, or those who want to get back involved, and encourage more women and girls to play rugby.


Southwark Tigers Rugby Club has been running a Women’s Team for years and from this season we’ll be welcoming two new girls team, under 13 and under 15.


From Sunday our coaches we’ll be delivering rugby sessions in a fun and learning environment for a new group of female players.


Warrior Camps are great fun and hugely rewarding, encouraging you to challenge yourself and develop new skills.


The Event is completely free of charge for the participants, as well as joining Southwark Tigers Rugby Club.


If you’re girl and you’d like to try rugby, why don’t you come down on Sunday?


At the Tigers there’s a team for everyone!


When: every Sunday.
Where: Burgess Park, Cobourg Road, London SE5 0JD.
What time: 10am.

RFU and tackles at The Cage!


The Tigers’ coaching team has taken part to the Kids First Contact course organised and delivered by the RFU at The Cage (Cobourg Road, London SE5 0RJ).


On Saturday 4th of September, just a week before returning at Burgess Park, the coaches have spent four hours developing their coaching and tackling technique, sharing ideas and good practice on the field.


During the course the coaches have had the opportunity to create their own games, planning and delivering fun and safe activities that are going to support their weekly sessions with the young players.


The course has been delivered by Chris Spedding, England Rugby Coach Developer.


We need a Community Rugby Coach


Southwark RFC is a unique Rugby Club based in inner-London that provides a rugby outlet for children and adults who would otherwise have no exposure to the sport. Located in Burgess Park close to Elephant & Castle the Club attracts local players from Bermondsey, Peckham and Borough.  As part of our desire to help rugby thrive in an urban environment we are looking for a coach to provide regular sessions at local secondary and primary schools.


The program will last from September until April and include 90min sessions at the premises of each participating school. Many of the participants will have had no previous rugby experience so the sessions should focus on fitness, basic skills and team play with an overall element of fun.


The goal of the project is to garner interest in the game and to prepare the participants for various fixtures throughout the season against other schools in the program.


To succeed in this role you must be tenacious enough to encourage both students and also members of school staff to fully immerse themselves in the project.


Most sessions will take place as after-school clubs so you must be free between 15.00 – 16.30 Monday to Friday.



We are looking for:


·      RFU Level 2 qualification

·      Bags of enthusiasm

·      Ability to communicate with inner London teenagers

·      Experience of writing coaching plans and developing talent

·      Reliability

·      Genuine love of rugby

·      Up to date DBS



Hourly salary to be discussed.


To apply please contact Chris Callaway on 07740419539 or email 

We are back!


We’re just few days away from the new season. After a short summer break, we’ve realised that we couldn’t stay away from a rugby pitch much longer.


The season 2021/2022 will start on Sunday 15th August at Peckham Rye Park -34 Straker's Rd, London SE15 3UA.

From 10 to 12 our coaching team will welcome our young people, opening the doors to new participants as well.


If you’re girl or a boy, from 3 to 17 years old, Southwark Tigers Rugby Club is the place for you!


The activity is completely free of charge for the participants, you’ll just be asked to fill a simple registration form.


If you need any other information, do not hesitate to get in touch!


Telephone: 07703052759 or 07490398351






Bring water and desire to play rugby. We need you.


We are Southwark Tigers.

It’s time to play rugby!


The new season is just around the corner and Southwark Tigers’ doors are open already.


We can’t wait to welcome back our young players and to welcome new participants.  


If you’d like to play the best sport in the world, Southwark Tigers is the right club for you.


If you’ve never played rugby before, no problem, Southwark Tigers is the right club for you.


If you’re a girl or boy from 3 to 17 years old, Southwark Tigers is the right club for you.


Starting from August, every Sunday morning from 10am to 1pm, our coaching team will deliver high quality rugby session, focusing on rugby and life skills and supporting each player’s development.


We create a safe, fun and learning environment, where the players can thrive and express themselves.


The activity is completely free.


The only thing you need to do is coming down to The Cage, fill a registration form and have fun!


We are Southwark Tigers. And we need you!

           We'll see you all in August!


It’s been a long and intense season and it has now come to and end.


We’ve faced different challenges, played in different pitches – The Cage, Burgess Park, Kings’ College, Peckham Rye Park and...virtually! – but despite everything, we’ve always created a purposeful and learning environment for the players.


Our great family is growing every week and we can’t wait to restart the activity in August.


Before that, we must say...thank you!


Thank you, to every player who comes down willing to learn.


Thank you, to every coach, who tirelessly supports our young people’s development.


Thank you, to every family, who gives us confidence and strength to carry on improving.


We'll see you all soon!


We are Southwark Tigers.

Ordinary training session with the Tigers!

 Mental Health Awareness Week 2021!


We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, but looking after our mental well-being is still crucial.


During the Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, the Tigers’ coaching team has offered wisdom and kindness, supporting our online Mental Health programme.


Southwark Tigers Rugby Club offers an online support service for young people and adults who wants to reach out and stay in touch with us.

What do we do to look after ourselves?

I listen to my son.

Pushpa, Southwark Tigers coach


I listen to classical music, exercise and slow in/out breathing to relax! 

A walk in the park is good for the mind and just listen and look to all nature around you.

Michael, Southwark Tigers coach


I find routine is comforting to hold onto. 
Be nice to yourself if you are feeling low.

Maggie, Southwark Tigers Women coach


I make time to reflect on the wonderful things we have done as a family.
I look through my journal to reaffirm my self.
I don't listen to the news.
I do sport.
I eat my favourite meals.
I sit with the family.

I watch science videos.
I listen to talks.

Laurence, Southwark Tigers coach

Come down to Peckam Rye Park!


The season is almost over but the Tigers’ family hasn’t finished to play rugby.


Until the end of May our coaching team will be delivering rugby sessions at Peckam Rye Park (34 Straker's Rd, London SE15 3UA) from 10am to 12pm.


From the under 6 to the under 16, the activity is completely free. If you'd like to know more about the rugby sessions, feel free to get in touch.  

Everyone is welcome!


We are Southwark Tigers. You should come and join us!

Easter with the Irish.
What a great success!


Two days full of rugby, fun and enjoyment! During the Easter Break Southwark Tigers has welcomed more than 70 young players for the Easter Camp run by the London Irish.


For the club, it has been the very first rugby camp ever and a great opportunity for a lot of players to stay active during the school break.


Thanks to the London Irish coaches, the players have been able to develop their rugby skills, focusing on specific rugby situations on the pitch in a learning and enjoyable environment.


Communication and teamwork have been just some of the soft skills the children have worked on during the activity, alongside the opportunity to develop their rugby background.


Southwark Tigers Rugby Club and London Irish have been amazed to see how the young players have interacted during the Easter Camp and how engaged they’ve been during the trainings.

U9's & U10's Harlequins Festival Saturday 15th February


Tigers U9 and U10s went a to a wet and windy Harlequins Festival Saturday 15th Feb at Stains RFU

The weather was AWFUL (horizontal rain!) We played a mixed team who for their first outing were a tour do force. 

The team won four out of four games ! Thank you so much to all parents and coaches for turning up it was SO worth it

Latest-Baa Baas team, Waterfall Cup Action & Tri-way Matches -17th Nov

U13s/U14s Played in a Baa baas team @ Dartford RFU. One rugby family.

U12s played @ Tonbridge in the Kent Waterfall Cup and won all their group matches to go through to the next stage.

U6s-U11s Played @ Millwall RFU in a tri-way session with Bexley concluding with friendly matches.

Beccehamian Rugby Football Club Festival


Clocks went back an hour! So all U9s, U10s and U11s were on time for the festival,

All teams played at least 4 matches and progressively got better as the festival went on. All enjoyed a warm sunny morning @Beccehamians. 

Thank you for hosting!








TELEPHONE: 020 8777 8105

Bromley Festival - teaming up with Kings for Barbarians Teams 

Great Sunday of rugby for the Tigers!


Southwark Tigers had 4 teams in action at the Bromley festival - U8s, U9s, U10 and U11s.  Against all the big clubs - Whitgiftians, Elthamians, Sidcup, Bromley, Colfeans, Dunstonians etc - we did really well.  We won more matches than we lost and I think James' U9s won 4 of his 5 matches.  It was great to work with the coaches from Kings College Pirates and share players.  Also well done to Elaine who reffed the youngest teams at a tournament. It was a longer festival than anticipated and we didn't get back until 3:45pm! 


U12s - Ed and Cliff went to Elthamians for the Foxbury Festival, and despite being short of many experienced players left the tournament undefeated! 


At home Freddie ran the coaching for the U13/14/15s - we had about 16 players turn up and be involved in a very productive training session.  

Well done everybody.  

Also a big hug to Mags who is recovering from knee surgery and will soon be back running the women and girls rugby at Tigers.  

Photos on photo page on menu:


Great Start to the New Season Saturday 14th -Sunday 15th September 

Sunday 15th Sept. - Great first day's rugby at the Tigers. Lots of new young joiners & the regular players were in action Burgess Park enjoying training and the lovely warm weather.

Bermondsey Street Festival 


An amazing day @ the sunny Bermondsey Street Festival Saturday 14th Sept. where we ran a stall for the first time.

Thank VERY MUCH to all our wonderful volunteers.Megan, Josh and Rachel (The Greenwood gang).Paul, Io and Abe (the Goode gang). Danny, Gail and Callum, Michael & Ruth(Abe's mum) 
Lots of leaflets handed out, new members reached and fun for all.

Centenary of Armistice Day Remembered at Southwark Tigers Rugby Club

Old Elthamians


On a half term visit to Old Elthamians. All minis enjoyed games with OE and Bexley.


13s/14s joining their first competitive rugby of the season playing in a mixed Old Elthamians U13s vs Tunbridge Wells.

Raise Funds for the Club While shopping

Click here 


We’ve registered with easyfundraising, it’s a great site where you can help Southwark Tigers RFU raise funds simply by doing your everyday online shopping!

Over 3,300 big name retailers are included, such as Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, ASOS, eBay, Boden and M&S.

Every time you shop, we receive a small donation to say ‘thank you!’ It’s completely free and over £20M has been raised for causes just like us so far.

We want to raise as much as possible so please sign up and help us at

Amazing  NatWest Rugby Force Winners!!

Take a look at the video from the day!

Southwark Tigers RFU been awarded one of only six £5000 grant & support packages available (nationally) each year to use to refresh the club house. This is fantastic news for the Club.  NatWest RugbyForce involves over 600 rugby clubs nationally so winning one of the main 6 awards is great recognition for the club.

NatWest RugbyForce Weekend will take place on Sunday 24 of June 2018. We will need lots of volunteers if we are to make this project happen.

Maggie Alphonsi will come along to see how things are going and even play some rugby with us!

Sunday 24th June @ the clubhouse. 10am - 3pm.

10am welcome then painting, helping (bring old clothes) and touch rugby.

1pm we will have a bit of a picnic buffet for all of the volunteers. See you there!

Hampshire Festival

It is getting very close to our end of season Hampshire festival. Please have a look at this link from the festival organisers.…/hampshire-rugby…/event-resources/

If you are planning to come for the day you will need to know when your son or daughter is playing at Portsmouth Rugby Club. It is about 30 minutes drive from the holiday camp.

Please call me, Vernon if you have any questions

Coach leaves the Cage Burgess Park 4:00pm Friday 13th April.

Foxbury Mini's Rugby Festival at Old Elthamians RE-SCHEDULED This SundayApril 8th




Due to weather the festival is reschedule to 8th April.



Mini buses leave 8:30 am from the cage. PLEASE SEE PARKING INFO BELOW.



 66 teams across 8 clubs are lined up for the March festival.  With a focus on player development and enjoyment of the game this should be a great day for all our players.


RFU Age Grade Rugby 

We're running the festival in line with the RFU's Regulation 15 Age Grade Rugby and will be encouraging a free flowing game across all age groups.

Event Timing

8.30am Club Registration Opens (at control tent)
9.30am Coaches and Referees briefing (at control tent)
10.00am Matches kick off


2.00pm Event concludes (giving 3-4hrs for 5 matches maximum per age group)

Please note no dogs allowed.

Entry fees will be £5 per family, including the match day program.


Parking this year will be tight with limited space at Eltham College due to the school's building work.

We've allocated parking on a best efforts basis as follows:


  • Marathon Ground (SE9 4QF) - Only coaches transporting gazebos / disabled parking / Southwark Tigers Team Bus
  • Dorset Road  (SE9 4RA) - Beckenham / Blackheath / Bromley 
  • Lulworth Road (SE9 4DL) - Dartfordians
  • Clarence Road  (SE9 4SH) - Edenbridge / Gravesend / Old Alleynians
  • Portland Road (SE9 4TR) - Old Colfeians / Westcombe Park
  • College Meadow (SE12 9PH) - Old Elthamians
  • Avondale Road (SE9 4SN)  - Old Whitgiftians
  • Court Farm Road  (SE9 4LA) - Sevenoaks / Tunbridge Juddians / Vigo

The roads are residential and all within 5 mins walk of the grounds. 

Please encourage your parents to car share or use public transport where possible to minimise number of cars on the day.

Looking forward to meeting you all at Foxbury!

Foxbury Mini's Rugby Festival at Old Elthamians RE-SCHEDULED April 8th




Due to weather the festival is reschedule to 8th April.



Mini buses leave 8:30 am from the cage. PLEASE SEE PARKING INFO BELOW.



 66 teams across 8 clubs are lined up for the March festival.  With a focus on player development and enjoyment of the game this should be a great day for all our players.


RFU Age Grade Rugby 

We're running the festival in line with the RFU's Regulation 15 Age Grade Rugby and will be encouraging a free flowing game across all age groups.

Event Timing

8.30am Club Registration Opens (at control tent)
9.30am Coaches and Referees briefing (at control tent)
10.00am Matches kick off


2.00pm Event concludes (giving 3-4hrs for 5 matches maximum per age group)

Please note no dogs allowed.

Entry fees will be £5 per family, including the match day program.


Parking this year will be tight with limited space at Eltham College due to the school's building work.

We've allocated parking on a best efforts basis as follows:

  • Marathon Ground (SE9 4QF) - Only coaches transporting gazebos / All refs / disabled parking
  • College Meadow (SE12 9PH) car park and overflow - Gravesend / Sevenoaks / Old Elthamians
  • Court Farm Road  (SE9 4LA) Vigo / Tunbridge Juddians
  • Dorset Road  (SE9 4RA) - Southwark Tigers
  • Portland Road (SE9 4TR) - Old Alleynes
  • Clarence Road  (SE9 4SH) - Old Whitgiftians
  • Lulworth Road (SE9 4DL)  - Old Whitgiftians

The roads are residential and all within 5 mins walk of the grounds. 

Please encourage your parents to car share or use public transport where possible to minimise number of cars on the day.

Looking forward to meeting you all at Foxbury!

Girl's Rugby Camp Feb 15th/16th (Half Term)



The girls rugby camp run by the Lions Sports Academy over the Christmas period was a great success, so much so that they are to run another camp during the February half term. 


The camp will be led by two world class international women's rugby players, Gaelle Mignot (the French Hooker and Captain) and Leanne Riley (England’s Scrum Half).
The cost is £60 for two days (or £35 for just one).
If you are interested please e-mail Joe Garner at 

Are you ready? The 2017-18 season has begun



The new season began on Sunday 3rd August 2017.


Lets make this a great season!! Come on you Tigers!!

Harlequins New Recruits



The three boys who made it into the Harlequins academy, proudly wearing their new shirts. Tom , Clayton and Ayomide we wish you a great season!

Support Southwark Tigers RFC with