Southwark Rugby Case Studies


Santino – Scrum Half - Under 15


‘This is some of the best rugby that I ever played. Being part of Southwark Rugby and the All-Stars team developed me so much’. Santino started to play rugby at school and transitioned from school rugby to club rugby just two years ago. His progressions have been remarkable; Santino is a true example of rugby player: committed, passionate and willing to improve in every single session.

At first, he was part of his school team and later, thanks to the Big Yellow School programme, he’s been encouraged to start playing rugby for Southwark Tigers.

He played a couple of seasons as a back row, fighting for every single ball with intensity and dedication. His loyalty for the club and the game of rugby is reflected on the pitch.
In January 2023 Santino has been selected for the All-Stars team, carrying on playing as a forward.

At the beginning of 2023/2024 his school put his name forward for the Harlequins Development Player Programme. Santino passed the first assessment, becoming a regular member of the Harlequins DPP. In the meantime, he changed his role, leading the scrum with the number 9 jersey. As a scrum half Santino kept leading the forwards with his natural leadership skills.  

‘I’ve started playing at school and I’m now part of the Harlequins DPP, thanks to the support that I received from my coaching team at the Tigers. If I’ll ever go I’ll owe my entire career to the All Stars Team’, highlight Santino.


‘Since Santino started to play rugby at school and at the club, his love and passion for the game has grown immensely. He has been nurtured, guided and coached by a great coaching staff at Southwark Tigers, allowing him to develop and continuously grow in the sport and as a person for which I thank them’, says his mum.


Stephen - Back row - Under 15


Stephen started playing rugby when he was eight years of age. For the last two season he has been playing back row for Southwark Tigers Rugby Club and in January 2023 he has been selected for the All-Stars Team, the development team created from the Big Yellow School Programme.


Both his coaches and teammates have been amazed by his commitment and understanding of the game. Stephen has the unique ability to ‘read’ the game and adapt his plays accordingly. He has a fine and distinctive rugby brain and everyone in the team appreciates his level of know how. On the pitch, Stephen plays with desire and passion, he’s a great ball carrier and an effective defender.

Stephen is always keen to take on board new challenges and share his point of view to the team, as well as offering support to his teammates, on and off the pitch.

At the beginning of 2024 his name has been put forward for the Harlequins Development Player Programme.


This is what Stephen thinks of his journey with Southwark Tigers

‘Training twice a week for the club is giving me new friends, new experiences. I’ve been playing for a while, but Southwark Tigers really made me improve and give me new friends that I never thought I’d have’.


Playing rugby at Southwark and being part of the All-Stars team is having an impact on his development.

‘I think Stephen has benefited in several ways from playing rugby; Being part of this team has given Stephen new friends and an environment where they can all work together and see the value of teamwork. His fitness has improved, and it provides a great alternative to playing on phones/games consoles. He learns the value of commitment to achieve something that he loves and wants to be successful at’, says his father.

Felix - Lock - Under 15


Felix joined Southwark Tigers Rugby Club in October 2022. One of his school friends suggested he should join the club and since then his rugby development has never stopped.

Thanks to his physicality, Felix is often the first one fighting at the breakdown with the firm desire to conquer the ball. His passion for rugby has grown as well as his rugby skills. Felix loves having conversation with his coaches to better understand the game and learn a more effective way to have an impact on the pitch. He’s calm and respectful outside the pitch but when it comes to put his boots on, he becomes driven and highly committed.

The coaches see him as a player-coach on the pitch, trusting his rugby instincts and his way of guiding his teammates. On January 2023 Felix has been selected to represent the All-Stars team as well.


’Playing rugby with Southwark All-Stars twice a week has definitely improved my skills and it’s been very beneficial to have the opportunity to work alongside senior players and skill coaches as well’, said Felix. 


His mother couldn’t be happier about his involvement at Southwark Rugby. ‘Rugby is having a very positive effect on him. During the pandemic the only sport he seemed to enjoy was gaming. Rugby has given him a new love of the outdoors and a felling of belonging. The team spirit of rugby is fantastic for teenage boys who are transitioning into adulthood. The whole family now loves rugby’. 


At the beginning of 2024 Felix’s name has been put forward for the Harlequins Development Player Programme.

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