Community Rugby Festival at The Cage


86 players. 8 schools. 10 matches. 48 tries. The third School Festival at The Cage has been a great success!


The school competition, part of the School Programme run with London Irish has seen passionate and talented players competing in a safe and fun environment. 


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Southwark Tigers School Rugby Programme


Rugby is a game for everyone, regardless of size or athletic ability there is an important role for you to fulfil on the pitch. The Big Yellow Storage School Rugby Programme has been developed by Southwark Tigers Rugby Club to increase the amount of rugby in local Primary and Secondary Schools. 


What we currently do to promote rugby


Over the last three Academic Years Southwark Tigers has worked with local Primary and Secondary schools delivering the Big Yellow Storage Rugby programme, providing high quality rugby coaching to young students.  

The program is built around a weekly 90’ session at the school premises enabling participants to develop fitness, coordination, discipline and teamwork in an enjoyable, safe, purposeful and learning environment.


What have we done?


·       Raised awareness about the rugby programme and the Sunday activity

·       Having familiarised themselves with the location of the rugby club, participants have been encouraged to continue the

        enjoyment of the sport by attending training sessions at the club on weekends.

·       Supported the PE Departments during the weekly activities

·       Kept a regular register about the participants

·       Wrote regular feedbacks about the sessions

·       Safeguarded our young players (following the school policy) and helped them have fun

·       Developed an 8 months rugby programme, covering different aspects of the game.

What did we achieve?


·       In 3 years our coaches have delivered more than 100 rugby sessions in more than 10 schools


·       6 Festivals have been played among teams


·       24 rugby matches have been played among schools


·       9000 minutes of rugby have been played both at school and at the club


·       More than 250 young players have been introduced to the game


·       50 sport-people (Head Teachers, Pe teachers, volunteers, coaches) have been involved in the programme


·       0 injuries occurred




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Benefits of Rugby and Team Sports


• Strength Building – Rugby is a great sport for boosting upper body and leg strength.
• Developing discipline and teamwork: Rugby is a sport developed around discipline, teamwork and decision making. Talk back to the referee at your peril!
• Helping your employability: Playing rugby helps develop your soft skills – Teamwork, resilience, respect, discipline. All characteristics that employers look for!
• Increasing self-confidence: Rugby offers players increased confidence and self-respect, as the ultimate character-building sport. It fosters courage, fitness, team effort and togetherness.
• Improving mental health: Rugby, like most team sports, is able to give participants a sense of purpose and a place within the team.
• Improving flexibility: Agility is key, with feet and hands requiring sudden changes of direction and pace.
• Cardio: Improves the body’s cardiovascular system by building a strong heart and lungs, able to deliver oxygen to muscles faster.
• Increasing bone density: Regularly playing rugby will increase your bone density.
• Reducing stress: The release of endorphins while playing the game is enough to lift your mood and help aid a better night’s sleep.
• Developing speed and endurance: Regularly playing and training will not only increase your speed in running but will also build your endurance.

Youth Voice


‘I like rugby because everyone can be part of it’. Leo, Year 7.


‘Rugby is a wonderful sport and I really enjoyed the Southwark programme at school’. Jayden, Year 7


‘When I catch the ball, I know how to react very quickly’. Kahende, Year 7


‘I think rugby has benefitted me by improving my health and my agility’.
Sultan, Year 7


‘I like playing rugby because the coach is really interactive and makes the sessions fun’. Samuel, Year 8


‘I love our sessions because we spend a good amount of time practicing after school’. Kacper, Year 8


‘Rugby gives me something to be excited about’. Harry, Year 7


‘I like our sessions at school because we get to learn things that we didn’t know’. Micah, Year 8


‘I really like our sessions, we play almost 2 hours every week’. Bogdan, Year 8


‘Our rugby sessions are fun and active. Everyone is constantly involved. And we play bulldog at the end!’.
Joel, Year 7


‘The only thing I would like to improve is having more time to play matches’.
Obinna, Year 8


‘I like playing rugby at school. Every week we do something different’.
Cristiano, Year 7


‘We do a lot of practice at school and it makes me stronger and stronger’.
David, Year 8


‘Playing rugby at school is very enjoyable’. Ahmed, Year 7


‘I really like the rugby programme. It teaches us about team work’. Denzel, Year 7


‘Everyone should play rugby’. Max, Year 8

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